`A D ,\ B E\ A N D\ C F` are the perpendiculars from the angular points of a ` A B C` upon the opposite sides. The perimeters of the ` D E F\ a n d\ A B C` are in the ratio. `(2r)/R` (b) `r/(2R)` (c) `r/R` (d) `r/(3R)` Where `r` is the inradius and `R` is circum-radius of the ` A B C`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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one person is 80cm 58 degrees from the angle of a triangle ABC and the opposite sides the perimeter of the square and a b c are in the ratio the first policy latest draw this Triangle located so this is your triangle this is your A B and C and this is a perpendicular which is the and colour which is east and this is your letters joined this is also now right now she we need to find out of this pedal triangle d e f of triangle d e f what will be the the formula of perimeter of this will this is for

sinus and decency Vinod the formula of a pedal triangle area is this now let us find the perimeter of triangle ABC so perimeter of triangle ABC letters three sides a b c a + b + c that these letters divide both of them ok so we would find the area of triangle d e f / triangle ABC find Sin B science E4 sign in sign v and Science the divided by a + b + c we know that what is the value of s value of ss a + b + c / 22 I can use this value hair so if I use a solution of this

will be as it is that it is 4 sin a sin b and Science what will change the change will be the December come to us because a + b + c value will be to the value here will be come to triangle ABC is equal to our force by CV know if this will be a is equals to 8 8 2 Sin A is equals to B by 2 Sin B and this is equals to see why to science address is equals to a b c by 4 Times of India right now I need to replace in 24 instead of sin in this can be done as a and to will go

this sides of a b c d and e are we would decide be white and similarly this will be seen by 2 and this will be as it is to now see what will happen here here here given for ABC this come to into it are you because this will be a tatoo and if I take this outside this will be into if we can see a b c into four times triangle that this and hear this will be 4 into an instead of Mona I can write the saddest ABC into a 484 cancer ABC ABC and thus it become triangle by area by RS

what is area by RS become our India / this will cancel on because this is Rs this is the ratio we can say out of this option C is correct thank you

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