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Class 12






Properties Of Triangle - For Competition


A cyclic quadrilateral A B C D...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone Sohail question a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD of area 3 root 3 4 is inscribed in unit circle if one of its sides ab = 21 and the diagonal BD = 2 root 3 find the length of the other side so I already drawn shapewear so basically this is the required or we can see the given a b c d quadrelateral cyclic quadrilateral which is inscribed in a circle having Centre or ABCD is a quadrilateral and we know that my OB will be close to or d o b will be caused to AUDI writing so we know that AB = to order because they are my radius a and b is equals to cos and it is equals to ok ok OC and it will be equal to completely one because this is a unit circle and

ola radius show that square is equals to root 3 it is given to me question and equals to 1 it is given to me also in the question ok now through here is that a over sin a = to be over Sin B it is equals to a constant to work at it is science see also and it is to our ok I'm using a over sin = 22 are ok for triangle A B C that a b d a m using this thing so from where I can say that root 3 over because my age side a triangle A BD and

over Sin A is equals to 21 because my Rs 1 here you can clearly see that I already told you that it is a unit circle given the question so these all are my are because they are the radius ok that's why my Rs 1 year and root3 because we had this angle and if it take designer then we should take the opposite side of the single which is pretty ok so BD is root 3 we have payment from I can say that my sin a equal to root 3 by 2 and it is nothing but from where I can say nothing that is equal to pi by 3 it is the angle 60° ok my age 60 degrees now moving further in the cyclic quadrilateral we also know that the

Angle A Angle A + angle b is equal to 180 degree because the opposite angle should be 180 degrees in the cyclic quadrilateral Angle A Angle 30 degree can see that angle C will be equal to 180 degree minus 60 degrees because my angle is 60 degrees from where I can see that angle is 120 degree ok now I'm using the cosine rule here so cosine rule says that may cause a will be close to am applying for Central in triangle rule in triangle abc D ok that Cos A equal to a b square + a square minus b square of complete and utter Bittu ab

INR to AED is the simple question and rule for Angle A Angle everyday ok now I'm putting all the values which is known to cause degrees because my age 60 degrees it is equals to ab is one plus 8 we don't know - BD is root 3 square because of this is square over two times ab we know that a b is one ok it will be a b and read from where we can solve this thing it will be Cos 60 it is one by two it is equals to a square minus 2 because this will be 31 over to a ok no from where I can write this

as I wrote this to add square - 8 - 2 = 20 I just took this year and I just took this is a d over here ok from where I can solve this thing and if I assume that this is my then we can factor is this thing so on make a B Ed - 3 + 1 and add -2 these are the factors basically it is equal to zero and from where we can say that my edit and B equals to 2 and it can be cause 2 - 1 ok so this is not considerable because it is in negative and my side cannot be negative so that's ok so my it should be too and we have given that my area of the triangle area of the

what little basically a quadrilateral ABCD it is equals to zero the area of the quadrilateral is nothing but area of triangle ABC D + Angle B C D ok you can see in the figure also the area of a letter will be a b + b c d ok and hear it it is given as 3 root 3 by 4 and 1 by 2 ab Sin A + half of BC sign for my second triangle ok this simple rule of finding area for this kind of triangle ok this is X

this is time now adding all the values so it will be root 3 by 4 equals to 1 by 22 times because my AIDS to into a b is one sin 60° I'm not writing 1GB sin 60° + 1 by Two main busy I don't know and my CD we don't know ok science see hear and see is 120 degrees we already installing whether this to be cancelled this to sin 120 degrees root 3 by 2 cm solving with 3 root 3 by 4 equals to root 3 by 2 + 1 by a b c d and sin 120 degrees also root 3 by 2

ok I'm taking root 3 by 2 common repeat 2 by root 3 into 3 root 3 by 4 it is equals to 1 + 1 by 2 BC ok now from here you can be installed this thing is to will cancel out this power bi to this root 3 root 3 cancel out 3 by 2 minus b is equals to 1 by 2 BC CD is equal to BC cd from where we can find into it is equals to 1 ok now playing again cosine rule Shelby cost for angle theta cos theta equals to B square + c square minus b square

over two times BC CD and Hayat know the value of sin 120 degrees and putting this year so my first 120 degrees minus b to b c square bcb don't know CD square she don't know BD we know it is root 3 + root 3 square over two times BC CD and Vinod value of BCC details one ok I am I put all the values here and this two will cancel out this ok and we will left with 3 minus 1 equals to b c square + b square because root 3 square is 3 and 3 will be positive show from where we can say that b square + c square is equals to 2 ok now we already know that we cannot

h BC as negative and we know that BC is bc into CD = 21 also show the period should be one and the semester should be too so we can clearly see that my we should we should be one and should be one then only this will hold ok so maybe she is one my city my dear already found it list and these are other three sides of the required quadrilateral and one is given for ok thank you

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