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A cuboidal tea packet measures...

A cuboidal tea packet measures 10 cm by 6 cm by 4 cm. How many such tea packets can be placed in a cardboard box of dimensions 50 cm by 30 cm by 0.2 m?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : ` 125`


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hello students in this problem it is given quantity packet measures 10 cm by 6 by 4 cm how many such packets can be placed in a cardboard box of dimension 50cm bye-bye 0.2 be so let's first calculate volume of cuboid ATI with equal to the dimensions of the product of all the dimensions of this will be 10 cm and 20 cm and 20 cm and 24 24 24 into 10 to 40 cm cube

now Google calculate the volume of cardboard box this will be equal to products of all the dimensions which are given 50 Cent into 30 cm and 20 point to it is given m r x hundred to convert it into centimetre this will be equal to 5 into 3 15 15 into 0.233 into 10000 this will be 30000/70 you now we have to calculate that how many Sasti packets can be placed in cardboard box

number of packets that can be placed and cardboard box will be equal to volume of cardboard box one volume of cuboidal packets volume of cuboid volume of cardboard box calculated as 30,000 cube

and volume of the world tea packet PF calculated as 240 cm cube 0024 164 times and 3601 25 times this will give 125 number of packets which can be placed in the cardboard box thank you

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