A cone of height 4 cm is melted and recast into a sphere of diameter 8 cm .Find the radius of the base of the cone.



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Updated On: 2-6-2021

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Answer :
8 cm



00:00 - 00:59the question is a cone of height 4 cm is melted and recast into a sphere of diameter find the radius of the base of the phone so in the questions given that the phone is melted and formed into a space so the only thing that will be common between them will be the volume since we are using the same material to the material of the phone to make the speed of the formula of the volume the volume of only let the baby is equal to 1 by 3 square and the volume of Sphere let this be V2 is equal to 1 by 3 by cheque or two capitalist to distinguish the Paya Kyon now in the function we are given the height of the phone to be equal to 4 cm and a given the diameter of the ab so we know that the
01:00 - 01:59ladies half of the diameter of the equal to 4 cm and we are to find the radius of the cone that means that you find are so selfish just so that are nibandh equal to be too late and bright this as 1 by 3 Square x is equal to 4 by 3 by arc u pi and cancel and 3 and 3 will get cancel not a substitute the values of R squared what we are to find HS given to be 4 is equal to 4 into account the value of 44 and 48 cancel for the value of earthquake comes out to the server 4 into 4 into 4 we can write or to be equal to that of this this can be written as 4 into 4 into a and b can I 4 as to into to know that this form the fair at this from the fare from where we can find the value of R
02:00 - 02:594.28 and 10,000 acquired answer

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