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Class 12






Solution Of Simultaneous Linear Equations


A company produces three pr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends what is the question is a company produces three products every day there production on a certain day is 45 turns it is found that the production of third Pradesh exit the production of first product by it while the total production of first and third product is twice the production of second project determine the production level of each product using the matrix method so that starter solution 1st week and let why did the level of first second and third product respectively so according to question the equation will comes to

X + Y + Z is equal to 45 first equation s s minus x + Z is equal to 8 second equation now the experience that is equal to 2 by since the production of first and the third product is twice the production of second product so the equation will come to x minus 2 Y + Z = 20 that is our gadi creation now we can write in a matrix form 111 - 101 - 21

multiply x y z is equal to 45 80 now we know that X is equals to be now now it is our way it is our extended hours and minutes find the inverse so started first we need to find the mode A that is equals to 10 + 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 + 1 2 - 0 that is equal to 6 now we need to find the effectiveness of the element is now C11 is equals to

2012 is equals to 2013 equals to 2 is to 1 is equals to minus 3 is to 2 is equals to zero 323 is equals to 3 3 3 1 is equals to 1 3 2 is equals to minus 2 and the sea 33 is equal to 180 2222 - 30 31 - 21 shows that is equals to 2 - 3120 - 2231 then we need to find a inverse

that is equal to 1 upon Mod a multiply adjoint of a is equals to 1 by 6 x minus 3 120 - 2231 now X is equals to inverse B then multiply 2 -3 120 - 2231 multiply 45808 2

- 24 + 2019 + 20 + 2019 + 24 + that will equals to x y z is equals to 1 by 6 of 6690 and 114 will comes to 11159 hands x is equal to 11 Y is equals to 15 and Z is it 19 it is the production levels of the products that is our answers thank you

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