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Class 12






Pair Of Straight Lines


A circle rolls between pair of...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`4pi` sq. units`8pi` sq. units `12pi` sq. units`pi` sq. units

Answer : D
Solution : We have `9x^(2) +24 xy +16y^(2) - 25 = 0` <br> `rArr (3x +4y)^(2) - 25 =0` <br> `rArr 3x +4y +5 =0` or `3x +4y -5 =0` <br> These lines are parallel and tangents to the circle <br> `:'` Distance d between parallel tangents = diameter of the circle <br> `:. d = (|5-(-5)|)/(sqrt(3^(2)+4^(2))) =2` <br> `:.` Radius `= r =1` <br> `:.` Area of circle `= pi` sq. units

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hello students in this question we have given a pair of LINE which touch the Circus which does touch the circle and we need to find the area basically we have given that suppose this is our fair offline and this is our circle this is our circle and we need to find the area of the circle now let calculate it first of all we have given that 9 X square + 24 x y + 16 y square equal to 25 now we can write AS 9 X square + 12 x square + 12 X Y + 16 y square equal to 25 so Tekken 3 x 3 x + 4 Y and this is 4 by 3 X + 4 Y equal to 25 so we can write as 3

+ 4 y square = 25 so weak and finally right as 3 X + 4 Y = 2 plus minus 5 plus minus 5 so our two line 3 X + 4 Y equal to 5 and 3 X + 4 Y equal to minus 5 now these are Parallel Lines these are parallel lines about this Carolina this and circles are this end the Saga cycle which are touching them and win to find the area of this we had to find the area of this now distance between the Parallel Lines distance between the parallel and equal to diameter distance between parallel line equal to diameter of circle Daya M of circle

so we can write as to our = 27 - 32 which is basically 5 of minus of minus 5 Mod under root a square minus A square + b square under root 3 square + 4 square so we can write us to our equals to 10 / 9 + 16 2525 basically 52 this = 22 so we can get to are equal to 2 which equals to are equal to one we can get are equal to head and we know that and we know that's area of circle area of circle = 2 Pi R Square b square so buy into one square basically we can get Pi square unit b square unit so option number so we can say that option number for is correct thank you

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