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Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


A circle is inscribed in an eq...

A circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side `adot` The area of any square inscribed in this circle is ______.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `tan30=r/(a/2)`<br> `r=(a/(2sqrt3))`<br> Side of square=`2(rsin45)`<br> `=2*(a/(2sqrt3*sqrt2))`<br> `a'=a/sqrt6`<br> Area of square=`a^2/6`.


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Yadav Nashik rains time nahin Khuli triangle of side a very funny square inscribed in a circle is Pucha Gaya to Kya Ho Gaya theek hai ya maliku ya Centre I yah strangle in Centre Hi I theek hai usko batao point usko Kyon Aur Jante School to main and pedagogy se yah batao usko Punjabi line Malaysia Panda login se se thik hai Baki angle 30 degree angle Diya aur in centre at the kya kar rahi ho jaega theek hai ab dekho 10:30 wali kurti Legi Legi this upon this to you are in addition to our phone to value is equal to

by 2 root 3 ab yah pqrs is a square Hai Kumar bolata Hun To pqrs is a square inscribed in a circle square Wale Ki Jayegi side squire is equal to Kyunki yah distance Hoga theek hai ab reasons are yet to adam22 Kitni Jayegi ho jayegi to time our sin 45° Agar isko Aisi Jo Duniya Se thik hai to yah to Jaega degree + sin sin 45 value Jayegi upon this earth upon this to our sin 45 Jaega To was inferred view Jaega matlab Puri squire ki site a Jayegi

tuoba route to RK Logon ke Chalegi 2 into 2 root 3 into root 2 value Degi Chhori pategi side to side Ki bolata Main bolata Hun isliye Jayegi 1 by root 6 chicken to aap usko area of Jaega theek hai


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