A circle centred at 'O' has radius 1 and contains the point A. Segment AB is tangent to the circle at A and `angleAOB =theta`. If point C lies on OA and BC bisects the angle ABO then OC equals


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `/_\ABO` is a right angle triangle<br> `(AB)/(OA)=tantheta`<br> `AB=tantheta`<br> `OB=sectheta`<br> By angle bisector theoram<br> `(OB)/(OC)=(BA)/(AC)`<br> `sectheta/(OC)=tantheta/(AC)`<br> `ACsectheta=OCtantheta`<br> `AC=OCsintheta-(1)`<br> `OC+AC=1`<br> `AC=1-OC-(2)`<br> comparing equation 1 and 2<br> `1-OC=OC sintheta`<br> `OC=1/(1+sintheta)`.


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