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A chess game between two grandmasters X and Y is won by whoever first wins a total of two games. X's chances of winning or loosing any perticular game are a, b and c, respectively. The games are independent and a+b+c=1. <br> The probability that Y wins the match after the 4th game, is



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00:00 - 00:59hello students today occasion is a chess game between two Grandmaster X and Y is owned by Versova whoever first wins a total of 2 games X chances of winning or losing any particular Gema ABC winning or losing ABC are respectively and losing air we have grown so here so we can night losing any particular and Rolls hair and the and the games are independent and a + b is equal to 1 then the probability that he wins after the fourth matches we have for option can we have to find which option is correct year so we can write here chances for explaining his ex win a x close Axis Blues AC
01:00 - 01:59draw this property is be 64064 not provided here and we have Y if win a when it is Seen here if a excellence then be loses it if excess X Blues then why is this access loses then its wins and Bistro for both now we have the condition here why should be in the fourth chance so we can write your why should be when in 4th chance
02:00 - 02:59so the probability is P is equal to p into accident draw explain draw aur why win and here is my win force condition is this is fix hair and plus we get probability of draw comma draw and wyvern here and we even had the chance to we get to hear Pro battery so accident is a property extra is the property and by
03:00 - 03:59when is C in X loses C survive in this year and I will see hear and plus hair we have DRO DRO so we can write BB in to see in to see and they can arrange themselves 3 factorial divided by 2 factorial and they can use them in self in 3 factorial so we can solve this is equal to P is equal to 3 factorial 66 a b c square and here we get 3 factorial into two factors to factorial will be cut a 3 b square and square and by taking 3 BC BC square common we get here B plus two way so this is our answer and the required prior probability for it and we check which option is correct server option this correct a thank you

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