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A certain sum of money amounts to 4,500 in first year, to 5,175 in second year and to 6,210 in third year. Find the rate of interest for the.
third year


Text Solution

The correct Answer is 20%


here we have a question a certain sum of money amounts to 4500 in first year the 5175 in second year and to 6210 in 3rd year now we have to find the rate of interest for third year should therefore as we know that interest formula is P in 2 hour into 3 upon hundred where the principal is time and are rate which is we have to find so as to now
took three interest - year 3rd year - 2nd year amount so 36210 - with second year amount 5175 is equal to 1035 so this is a i3 now we have to put the value in this formula so I 3 equal to the principal the principal rate second year amount so it would be 5175 into our into tea time is one year so upon hundred Vinod 3 is 1035 equal to
5175 into into one upon hundreds we have to solve it here are equal to 1035 and 200 upon 5175 which is 13500 upon 75 when we cancel out it it approx 20 so this is our rate change of i3 it means the rate of rate of 3rd year Lease 20% so this is


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