Updated on:26/04/2023

A carton consists of 100 shirts of which 88 are good and 8 have minor defects. Rohit, a trader, will only accept the shirts which are good, But, Kamal, an another trader, will only reject the shirts which have major defects. One shirt is drawn at random from the carton. What is the probability that is acceptable to (i) Rohit and (ii) Kamal?


Text Solution

The correct Answer is (i)2225(ii)2425
Total number of shirts = 100.
Number of good shirts = 88.
Number of shirts having minor defects = 8.
Number of shirts having major defects = 100 -(88+8) = 4.
(i) P(that the drawn shirt is acceptable to Rohit) = 88+8100=96100=2425.


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