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A card is drawn at random from...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `9/13`


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hello this question is given that a card is drawn at random from a well shuffled Deck of 52 playing card ok bye have to find the probability that it is neither a 4 9 club ok festival whenever neither nor combination is used to separate the this result result is getting a 4 or a club for club strive to separate the probability of getting of 4 or a cloth from one ok this is the easiest way so this this is a method that we are going to use a location number of four card number of four cards is equal to there are four cards only ok in each Suite there is single for card ok so there are phone number of four card ok now number of club cards we have to find number of clubs they are also equal to 13 a ok and what are the plots

what are the cards in club a 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 then check queen and ultimately King look hair these are the 13 cards of club ok so here it is already included ok so here are two possible we have to find the combination of 4 or clubs ok so 14 is already included here so basically what I wanted to say let me tell you so number of votes ok number of 4 or cards they will be equals to wear admittedly there are four cards ok + 13 + ok and -1 why I am subtracting one because look here we are already having four cards

so that's why we have written 4 year we are having 13 clubs ok but in 13 club 14 ka is already present and we have considered it with here so I have to subtract one ok so from here my answer will be number of four club cards will be 16 ok so now we are to find the probability of neither ok neither and nor Ne Dhara 4 card and Nora club so festival will find the probability of four club ok so property of getting a 4 o'clock it is equal to number of favourable outcome here it is 1616 ok and total 52 ok so from here it is clear that it is it will be 4 upon 13241 13 will be pretty of getting for Club of getting a 4 or a club Sofia to find the probability of neither 4 and 9 club so easiest way

cricket from one because one is the highest quality OK what is the total properties of cruelty of getting neither of 9 o'clock it will be equal to 1 minus 20 of getting a for Oracle ok this is the simplest way of doing this ok now we are producing comment the values hi it will be 1 - this is 4.13 we are calculated this value so 13 - 4 divided by 13 so it will be equals to 9.13 so basically I can say welcome getting neither of phone Aura club will be 9.13 thank you


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