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A candy company sells premium chocolate candies at $5 per pound and regular chocolate candies at $4 per pound in increments of whole pounds only. If Barrett buys a 7 - pound box of chocolate candies that costs him $31, how many pounds of premium chocolate cadies are in the box?



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Updated On: 3-7-2020

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00:00 - 00:59hi guys in this question a candy company sells premium chocolate candies at $5 per pound and regular chocolate candies at $4 per pound of whole lb only by the seven pounds box of chocolates families that cause M30 one Dollar how many pounds of premium chocolate candies are in the box for sharing this question is mentioned that the company says premium chocolates and regular chocolate and premium chocolate is over $5 per pound and regular chocolate is of $4 found it by 7 sound box that cost him total $31 we need to know De quantity of premium chocolates that he died super screen glass
01:00 - 01:59the quantity premium chocolate candies sex and the quantity of quantity of regular chocolate candy d i y so please mention that abe total 7 pound at the rate of 5 dollar per pound and 4 dollop Up On The Five Dollar Pound
02:00 - 02:59is the premium chocolate Supreme chocolate quantities question will become 5 x + 44 is the amount and the quantity Pro + 4 Y is equals to total amount that he that is 30 dollars is equal to 31 dollars and he by this is the first equation and he by the seven pounds total quantity Jacobite X + Y to X + Y is equals to several per second equation X + Y is equal to 7 second equation solving person second on solving first and second we get
03:00 - 03:59x is equal to 7 - 12 Physics question number 3rd by putting third in first we get 5 AK 57 - 5 help you develop F5 into 7 minus y + 4 Y is equals to 3135 minus 5 Y + 4 Y is equals to 31 resistance become minus 1 is equal to 31 - 35 is equal to minus 4 2 Y is equal to
04:00 - 04:59minus y + 2 - 4 - will cancel out from this - implies by is equal to 4 so why is the quantity of regular chocolate subah hi to know the quantity of premium chocolates chocolates are premium chocolates to be put the value of Y in the situation in question number 3rd to supporting the Putin bike wash 24 in equation third get text = 27 - 4 that is equals to 3 so the quantity of premium
05:00 - 05:59chocolate that he b is free and what is asking the question that how many pounds of female chocolate families are in the box so the answer is three so she is correct thank you for watching this video

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