A box contains 7 red , 6 white and 4 blue balls. Number of ways of selection of three red balls is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is that a box contains 7 red 6 white and 4 Black balls and where do we find the number of ways of selecting free Red Ball 3 red balls so total we have to find the number of ways to set 3 Red Bull total total red balls red balls is equal to 72227 and we have to choose three balls this function only we have to choose three balls out of 73 required Ek Bar Bole aur 33 find number of fine number

veg number of ways to Select 3 balls out of 77373 factorial 71 factorial 37 - series factorial 4 gets all these 7 into 6 into 5 into factorial 4.7 petrol dial 100 factorial 4 and 3 into 2 into 10 factorial for infected we can say router 386 2600 cancel out 7 into 53535 come back to the options NSE option 1 option 135 power of sulphur 30 correct answer

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