A binary operation * on Z defined by a*b= 3a+b for all a ,\ b in Z , is (a) commutative (b) associative (c) not commutative (d) commutative and associative



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Updated On: 27-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59precaution is a binary operation star on Z Defined by a star is equal to 3 + b for all ab belongs to Z is option A commutative option B City option C not committed and option d commutative and associative law to find competitive committee says that a star b is equal to be start a where ab belongs to our status now let the cover to NDLS we have a star B and this is equal to 3 a + b square A and B belongs to our read from here to now let se disappointed one now take RSS RSS we have this study and this is equal to 3
01:00 - 01:59plus a point number to sunao from where we can see that our point number one is not equal to a point number 22 this implies that it is a small step before this tab so here we light that a star b is not equal to 20 tarikh this implies that it is not commutative and associative property says that a star be start cbesta 20 hours England mint is equal to a star be start a business in a single element if both values are equal then it is associated now here lete h
02:00 - 02:59India we have a star and this is equal to our three a plus b ka so the value of this is Nahin lagti tractor airport generated as 3 into 3 a + b + of proper solving it father we have 9ne plus 3 b + c disappoint number one point number 3 now take RSS take store in the RSS we have vistar se baby starts sitting arrangement is equal to our star of 3 b + c waterfall with father we have a plus
03:00 - 03:59TV plus see this point number 42 from here we can see that our point number 3 is not equal to a point before and that implies that our star beast RC is not equal to our a star b star C2 hair left hand side is not equal to our right hand side from here we can say it is not associated this is our final answer thank you

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