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A, B,C and D are points on a l...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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ok so we are having a question from geometry ABC India points on a line such that point B bisects line AC and point a y69 CD what is the ratio of a b c d ok let me tell you one thing if you encounter if you are encountered with this kind of questions where you are getting situation situation problem in case of straight lines or any other party or so before starting before going into the mathematical part you just have to draw the configuration by configuration I mean that we are dealing with this situation we are dealing with the line so I'll draw an actual line and then we will then I will I will distribute the the the parts into as per the basis on the ratio is given so the biggest line as you can see from the question is that this is a b2c location at first draw a line according to the situation given so ABCD at points on a line such that point we buy

69 AC ok so we have a line AC we have a line AC bisects it's so bye bye setting I mean that if there we have Line AC so it be bisects that Ab = To busy so it was the first but now it's line CD OK so the second situation is as bisecting line City that means a sequel to add so would be here CD ok now we have got the complete line CD is our complete Line or you can say the biggest line so recalling the situations 20 bisecting Asian Age bisecting City ok so we have to find the ratio of ABC AB is to CD now let's assume let

the length of DC ok pm got the length as x now as per the second situation as per the second situation which says that a b c d it means that X is divided into two parts a equals to ab = 2 X 52 now this whole part this whole part is X by 2 ok now you can see that b is bisecting B is bisecting BS by setting a c b is by setting a see so now expired to is for the divided into two equal parts which will give us X by 4 and 6 by 4 now we have got the value of abs by 4 and as we started

the question from from the beginning we assume that the value of the length of the length of DC is so hard to find the value of the ratio of ABCD so Hans ratio of Ab and CD = to ab upon CD what is a b x 54 what is CD it is x so are answer is 1 by 4 that is the ratio is actually one is 24 so as you can see from the options it is actually in the action form but if the question is asking the about the ratio so we must incorporate the ratio sign Soya option is our answer

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