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A bag contains 4 red, 5 bla...

A bag contains 4 red, 5 black and 6 white balls. A ball is drawn from the bag at random. Find the probability that the ball drawn is (i) white          (ii) red        (iii) not black   (iii) red or white


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Hamen per Sawal hai ab bag contains 4 red 500006 white balls A ball is drawn from the bag at random find the probability that the ball drawn is pahla paath white dusra paath rate Teesra paath not black Chauth about read or write theek hai iska answer kitne to sabse pahle number of Jo Meri red balls given hai vah 4 number of black balls family Hua Hai Meri 5 on number of white balls Hai vah Hai Meri Tujhse Meri Jhooth total bol sake vah Ho Gai 6 5015 total bol the ab mein Pehla part ka set karta hun probability is single voltron Kariye Bole per galti se bol tone is white white ball drawn to scale definition of favourable wall upon total work favourable for meniscus Kyunki white ball

theek hai aur total box Meri hongi Jogi ji total band whiteboard Meri butter total vol 15 3 2 5 idhar se pahle can't second part lete second part a probability Ki Jo baltron Ho red ball red bolo to gain red ball Mein again aap kya karenge favourable by total War favourable wall by total no of a variable variable total volcano is called Jaega red ball by total ball red ball me recharge yah birthday 15 yah answer ho kya FIR Teesra paath Karte Teesra part 11 probability that the ball drawn is not black thick enough power to the ball drawn is not black theek hai to get property to ismein configurable bol bhaiya total bol Hoga Agar baltron not black Hai To Kya Hogi

Abhishek iska matlab ab bologi 3 ball white red black yellow red if a variable was divided by total war was again Yahi to possibility nahin aati Meri white ball Teri Ho Gai ya 4 total V 15 15 2.3 ka answer Ho Gaya fourth and final part Dekhte Mera Kya Hai Jahan Mein likh deta hun 4th part 4 part mera kya raha hai bol Dhoni red or white dekhne wale kya kya again rate of Yahan per serial all red ball + number of white balls by total 1

Mera red ball Meri charging white ball mirch kheti total vol 15 15 August answer to final part