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ABC is a triangle with B greater than C,DandE are points on BC such that AD is perpendicular to BCandAE is the bisector of angle A. Complete the relation DAE=12()+C].



hello question States at ABC is a triangle with Angle B is greater than angle C and D and e are points on it but that ad is perpendicular to BC and a is the bisector of angle A and angle b is equal to half cash Plus a given a triangle ABC ad is perpendicular on the angle is 90 degree and Angle that makes angle c equal to angle A + angle is equal to right
here that in triangle Angel angle 80 angle equal to angle ADC equal to 90 degree dendrite we have to calculate the value of Angle B is this one and write it as a whole angle A minus right angle A minor
angle b a d angle A minus angle aaa angle create angles in triangle abc 90 - D and we can write 90 - angle and minus angle bisector of angle A as half of angle single half angle half angle is 90 degree
that in a triangle the sum of the angles is 180 degree right angle A + Angle B + angle C is equal to 180 degree what angle A is equal to angle P + angle find the angle B and angle C is equal to 90 degree two and a half Angle B and write 90 degree minus angle we can write 19 minus of plus angle
90 degree angle 90 degrees cancelled angle angle angle theta minus angle half angle common cricket uncle ki angle minus


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