Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


A B C is a triangle with /_B g...

`A B C` is a triangle with `/_B` greater than `/_C ,Da n dE` are points on `B C` such that `A D` is perpendicular to `B Ca n dA E` is the bisector of angle `Adot` Complete the relation `/_D A E-1/2()/_C]dot`


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Telugu ABCD triangle with Angle B and angle C D and e are points on BC such that ad is perpendicular to BC and AD is the bisector of angle A youtuber Hai value equal to is equal to half something minus angle triangle Hai bhi theek hai to Dekho angle BAC Geeta Jayega Angle B A ke tar jayega be a Jaega angle A equal Kyon Kyon kya bola hai ki is the angular bisector is the bisector of a bola tu ja angle is equal to angle Hoga theek hai

ab dekho angle ADB Ki Tarah ka is equal to angle A is equal to 90 degree Kyunki 80 90 degree hai aur ADC degree angle angle angle angle A angle angle A is angle angle angle ka minus angle A minus angle theek hai angle a minus b a d Jungle in anti Hai interior Angle B 90 minus b minus angle angle angle equal to Ham Pagal Ho Jaega theek hai

angle angle angle angle A 90 + Angle B theek hai chalega chalega half Angle B minus angle pqr angle A + a + b + c kitna hota hai Hota To Uska Kya aaega kya aap Angle B and angle C is key to yah kitne Jagah Jagah angle angle angle angle