A B C D is a rhombus in which the altitude from D to side A B\ bisects A Bdot Find the angles of the rhombus.



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Updated On: 26-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is ABCD is a rhombus in which the altitude from the two side AB bisects AB find the angles of the Rhombus to a rhombus is a b c d which is having the sides = 2x and DL is the perpendicular bisector to ab and dividing the line into two equal parts X by 2 and expire to so let's side DL is perpendicular bisector of Ab let the sides ab equals to BC = 2 CD = 2 day equals to x now we join DB angle a and b and b l d angle delay is equals to angle d l b is equal to 90 degree since there is perpendicular bisector to ab is equals to bear
01:00 - 01:59is equals to X by 2 is equals to dear which is the common site so hence triangle A and B and triangle are congruent to each other by SAS congruence rule now in triangle ADB by congruency we can say that a b is equals to ab is equals to DB is equal to X this implies that triangle ADB is an equilateral triangle angle A is equal to angle ADB is equal to angle a BD which is equal to 60 degree at all the all the angles inside the equilateral triangle are equal
02:00 - 02:59are equal to 60 degree angle DBC is also an equilateral triangle therefore angle C is equal to Angle B D C is equal to angle DBC which is equals to change opposite sides of the Rhombus are equal therefore angle A is equals to angle C and angle d is equal to Angle B nozzle and all the angle they should be equal to 360 rupees sum of all the angles of any quadrilateral is equals to 360 so we can write two times of a + 2 X + b is equal to 360 degree angle A is equal to angle C and angle b is equal to angle d
03:00 - 03:5922 times of 60 degree + 2 x of angle b is equal to 360 degree the two types of angle b is equal to 360 degree - 120 degree which is equals to 240 degrees so I will be becomes 240 / to that is equals to 120 degree which is also called 200d so therefore we found all the angles that is angles is equal to angle c equal to 60 degree and Angle B equal to angle d is equal to 120 degree and that is our answer

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