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Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


A B C D is a rectangle with ...

`A B C D` is a rectangle with `O` as any point in its interior. If `a r\ ( A O D)=3\ c m^2a n d\ a r\ ( B O C)=6\ c m^2,` then area of rectangle `A B C D` is: `9c m^2` (b) `12\ c m^2` (c) `15 c m^2` (d) `18\ c m^2`,


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `ABCD` is a rectangle, and O is any point in its interior.<br>Area (`/_\AOD)=3sqcm` and Area `/_\BOC=6sq cm.`<br>From `O` draw a line `EF || AB` intersecting `AD \at\ E` and `BC \at\ F.`<br>Therefore,`OE_|_AD \and\ OF_|_BC`<br>Let `OE =x \and\ OF =y`<br>`OE +OF=EF =AB`<br>Therefore `x+y=AB` ....(1)<br>`ar /_\AOD+ Area /_\BOC=3+6=9sq. cm.`<br>`1/2xxADxxOE+1/2xxOFxxBC=9sq.cm`<br>`1/2(ADxxOE+OFxxBC)=9sq.cm`<br>`(ADxxOE+OFxxBC)=9xx2=18sqcm`<br>Since `BC =AD` (opposite sides of a rectangle)<br>`=>AD(OE+OF)=18sq.cm`<br>`ADxxEF=18sq.cm`<br> So, `EF =AB`<br>`=>ADxxAB=18sq.c m`<br>Area of the rectangle `ABCD =ABxxAD=18sq.cm`


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