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A B\ a n d\ C D are two parallel chords of a circle whose diameter is A C . Prove that A B=C D



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Updated On: 5-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student let's start with the question we have to ab and CD are two parallel chords of a circle whose diameter is a prove that a b is equal to see it ok to start with T solution of all what is given here here we have given letters is nothing but a circle with Centre O where A B and C are records of the circle and we have given here the chord of the circle missed ab is parallel to CD ok now here we have given AC is diameter to the circle and what we have to prove we have to prove ab is nothing but is equal to CD for the let's do some construction here I will draw a map of pendicular topi AV and similarly as per pen
01:00 - 01:59city.com is perpendicular to ab similarly in is perpendicular to CD ok now to prove this ab is equals to see what I have to do I have to prove this two Triangles in a and O in CS Congress so let se in triangle omegalon-4g ok if you look at the figure so A is equals to us because of radii of the same truck ok ok is equals to write your options are similarly as we have written in perpendicular to ab and in perpendicular to CD and this angle A and angle in will be 90 degree ok so here I can say that angle A is equal to angle oi
02:00 - 02:59is equal to 90 degree ok now so as we have to an ab is parallel to CD and this AC will act as a transversal for this ok help the angle A will be equal to angle C ok so here I can say that girl and a ok m k o c is equal style and so this is because of alternate interior angles ok from this Savitri statement I can write here by a s rule it is true that triangle O M A is congruent to Triangle in c o n ok and approved
03:00 - 03:59their corresponding to what will be equal health a.m. will be is equals to see no I will multiply this both of them but to become toys of a m is equal to twice of CA no as we know that the cord from centre of the circle are nothing but equal it means they will be equal to MB is equal to 20 and this year we will be nothing but toys of a city will be twice of PN and ab will be twice of health in the place of twice in a I can put here ab which will become is equal toys of CN is nothing but 3D and this is what we have to prove that is cost of the circle are equal and hence proved ok so here is dissolution I hope you will like this solution thank you

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