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A and B are square matrices and A is non-singular matrix, then (A^(-1) BA)^n,n in I' ,is equal to (A) A^-nB^nA^n (B) A^nB^nA^-n (C) A^-1B^nA (D) A^-nBA^n



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Updated On: 14-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59nbr square matrix is and is non singular Matrix then the value of a inverse x v e raise to power and where and belongs to in is equal to option inverse X raise to power a raised to power minus and be raised to power and power Android and is optionally with a raised to power power and power minus Android and options you can see that a inverse we raise to power and a write an officer duties were considered a inverse B A raised to power the weekly given that is non singular Matrix it means determinant of a is not equal to zero and it is given that this course will help find the value of B A raise to power and so
01:00 - 01:59get the value of n is equal to 4 and equal to write so it will come here can see that a inverse x v a raise to power and then n is equal to so we can write has also forgetting to an end square we can write a a x with same which is a inverse b x same thing then power should be at because we know that a month I am at is meant by a matrix it gives you a squared result of matrix we can say that this metric this think squared is equal to X same thing right it gives you so we can ride as a inverse we get any risk a x a inverse it gives you a
02:00 - 02:59going to write I can be used and we will get here that matters x i gives pay Matrix b o l x b y then you will get here be using this result write in it is now going to calculate and is able to see right so X this then you will get an equal to 303 because this is this thing as a x right for you better and better understanding it expects it is here you can see this value is expected to be considered this value of x going to calculate x cube right no excuse letter X
03:00 - 03:59where is a distinct right as we know that this is x square thread and it is value of x is distinct this whole thing as a Exo we will calculate years experience not going to calculate x x x cubic and ideas x 25 x Rite Aid is explain it is x x axis in w b who is that all these then you can see that again and 25 gives you become a square + b square it will come I ba that X is by this thing then you will get b square b square and it is being so it's become weak to write the value of this thing for cube at 23
04:00 - 04:59if I am doing what is equal to so here is comes out b square and for any school 23 hair comes up with you right so basically if it comes out be raised to power and red and for any skull 22223 where is first from 10 is equal to also it seems it is inverse right and you can also see that is for any 222 we will get any school 23 we will get here also a right so we can say that for any equal to and it gives a also so this is our final value of distinct B A final answer of this person died so here you can see that in the options so we can say that option C will be characterized so that's all final
05:00 - 05:59thank you

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