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Class 8






Direct And Inverse Proportions


A 5 m 60 cm high vertical pole...

A 5 m 60 cm high vertical pole casts a shadow 3 m 20 cm long. Find at the same time(i)      the length of the shadow cast by another pole 10 m 50 cm high (ii)     the height of a pole which casts a shadow 5m long.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Here the given solution: <br> (i) `(x_1)/(y_1)=(x_2)/(y_2)` <br> ` ⇒ 5.6/3.2= 10.5/(y_2)` <br> `⇒y_2=6 cm` <br> (ii) `(x_1)/(y_1)=(x_3)/(y_3)` <br> `⇒ 5.6/3.2= (x_3)/5` <br> `⇒x_3=8.75m` <br> ​


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in this video we are going to solve question number 9 question number question number 9 EP 567 Hai vertical pole Casts a shadow of 20 cm find at the same time the length of the shadow cast by another pole which height is 10 M 50 cm and height of the height of in second part the height of a coal which cast a shadow of 5 M long the first bad Mein Hamen School Kendriya Hamen shadowkeep destiny 2 shadowkeep let given to make cool Ki Nahin pata nahin hai Hamen pata hai ki theek hai direct proportional t ka question hai why because Jaise Jaise polki height increase Hogi Shadow ki hight Bhi Kya increase Hoti Hai To sabse pahle Hamen kya hai Rishu nikalunga tu kitni hai tu

height of 45 M 60 CM ki equal to 5 metre mein kitne sentimeter Hote Jaate 1675 in 200 plus 60 this is equal to 567 no baje ki length of shadow Kitni ho jayegi to kya baten length of shadow Jayegi yah Jivan Hai Hamen hit 2017 ke equal length of shadow is equal to 3 into 100 + 2320 Ab Humse first part mein kya poochha hai ki agar kya bolate length of the shadow cast by Anantapur

1050 Hai To Ham imagine kalanki let length of the shadow is equal to what ex CM length of shadow is equal to X can you determine karni hai is equal to X CM direct proportional ka question kya ho jaega 560 upon 320 is equal to ICAP all ki hight kitni hai 1050 1015 let se length of shadow Kitni X equal to X ki value Kaise ki now x is equal to 320 into 1050 upon upon magic of 562 Hamen to yah value equal to 602/603 ko what we can write we can write it also has 6 m answer of Asia

Cup Kisi Ko Lage length of the shadow is equal to 6 m Isi Ka Jo first part tha Quest part Mein Hamen ke determine karna tha Agar length of the shadow ke 5 metre Hai To Hamen hight Kitni Thi To Let the height of the pole kitni hai height of the pole Ham imagine why why cm to height of the pole height of all is equal to Y CM again to see marega 2560 upon 320 is equal to a height of Polar Y or Shadow ki life kitni hai video Ne 5 metre ke call me 500 CM ka 502 Y Y is equal to 502 560 upon upon Mega 328 se divide Karke Tumhe Kya Mila Milegi tripurasur ghante

pahle value Milegi 875 875 Kaun kya likh sakte Hamen se 8.75 likh sakte Kyunki 1 metre mein Hundred centimetre hote hain Jagah 8.75 m s mat kahan se gaya 8.75 m Uske last seen a question number 10 usmein ki main loaded truck Travels 14 km 25 minutes for Speed ke question Tripura MP3 se important part in Kajari sugar Time Traveller distance covers se marega so how far can I travel in 5 hours 2 GB direct proportion ka question ki distance travel is equal to what X km to question about 10 minutes at a distance travel distance

travel is equal to X X km how is question Kaise solve Karenge now Hamen pata hai ki rasid speed question tag to 14.25 time minutes to hours Karenge 14.25 is equal to X upon 300 x x is equal to 300 into 4 3 upon 2514 into 12 equal which is equal to 168 so Kitni distance travel Karenge equal to 168 kilometre this is the answer to only sakte hain aap per distance travelled by truck tha to distance travelled by truck

distance distance travelled bi truck is equal to 168 km final answer


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