A (5, 4), B (-3, -2) and C (1, -8) are the vertices of a triangle ABC. Find :
the slope of the line parallel to AC.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is 3


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hello students in this question we have given a co-ordinate a co-ordinate B and coordinates c and these are the coordinates of triangle ABC and we need to find the slope of line parallel to AC first of all we have to make a triangle ABC with this is our triangle ABC is there coordinates are basically a b c now audit of a is basically 544 unit of B is basically - 3 - 2 and quality of CBSE 1 coronavirus state now first of all we need to find the slope of line AC source slope of line slope of line AC visited by M = 2 by 2 minus 1 divided by X 2 - 61 basically we have apply 2.4 m to hear a quadrant is basically given as 5km 4C co-ordinate is basically given is 1 - 8 now let's suppose
this is X1 Y1 H2 and I2 so from here we can write a slope of line AC equal to pi by 2 - 51 basically - 8 - of 4 divided by 2 minus x 101 - of 5 so we can write as - 12 / -42 from here we can write a slope of line is slope of line AC equal to 3 now by the property of low frequency that slope of line slope of any any line parallel to AC is equal to 3 is equal to 3 so from here we can say that any LINE which is parallel to AC gas is same so basically these two line and this year we can say that these are same slow thank you

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