Class 10






Equation Of A Line


A (5, 4), B (-3, -2) and C (1,...

A (5, 4), B (-3, -2) and C (1, -8) are the vertices of a triangle ABC. Find : <br> the slope of the altitude of AB. 


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `-4/3`


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question of equation of a line which says that point a is 5.3 is -3 -2.18 are the vertices of a triangle ABC then find the slope of the altitude of a b ab and CD is the altitude of Ab to find the Slope of a given is a question that the point A is 5.3 is -3 -4 and point C is 14 find the slope of CD will first find out the slope of Ab so low that a result it is equal to y 2 minus 1 divided by x minus that is the ratio of the

diff between the Y coordinates and X coordinates of the point A and B be two letters - 4 - of mines to divide by that is 5 x minus 3 minus of minus 3 equal to 1 + 25 + 8 = 23 48314 condition that if two lines are perpendicular then their clothes

- latest Indian the slope of CD is a M1 M2 M3 visitors to -1 is the value of m 1 vehicle found out that is 3 by 4 x is equal to -1 value of M2 will be -3 airport slope of line CD that is that is the slope of the altitude of AP is minus 4 by 3