A 2 feet tall child casts a shadow that is 3 feet long. Find the height of the boy whose shadow is 7(1)/(2) feet long.



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Updated On: 28-5-2021

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Answer :
5 feet



00:00 - 00:592 ft old child cast a shadow that is 3 feet long find the height of the boy who Shadow if this question we use the concept of proportion for this this is the height of a boy that is given by 2 feet so it's cast a shadow Shadow Shadow will be perpendicular to the height so it is 3 feet long and another in a given let height of the boy is X and Shadow seven and a half feet so in this we will write two feet height cast 3 feet Shadow so this means one feet height will cast
01:00 - 01:593 by 2 feet Shadow now it is given height cast 7710 f15 by 249 so I suppose one therefore one feet height will cast 15 by 2 upon X ft Shadow Prince 1 feet height will cause 3 by 2 and your 1 feet height ka 15 by 2 x 4 liquid both the number so 15 by 2 x is equal to 3 by 2 for cancelling out to now in multiplying acts to write
02:00 - 02:59we get 15 is equal to 3 x 9 shifting 3 in the denominator of 15 to get 15 by 3 is equal to 15 by 3 is equal to X cancelling it out we get X is equals to 5 for the height of the boy which caste 77 shadow is 5 feet for this is thank you

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