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83. A non-zero function f (x) ...

83. A non-zero function f (x) is symmetrical about the line y=x then the value of lambda (constant) such that f^2(x)=(f^-1(x))^2-lambdaxf(x)f^-1(x)+3x^2f(x) where all xin R^+



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Updated On: 6-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59illustrate the problem is a non-zero function f x is symmetrical About line y is equals to X then value of Lambda which is constant such that this is given Square X is equals to F inverse X whole square minus Lambda xfx f inverse X + 3 x square FX so first we write a condition if any function if a function is symmetric about why is cos 2x the meaning of this thing is which implies f x is equals to F inverse of X so using this thing we can write this number this is a square X2 we can write this is effects whole square effects whole square this is equals to
01:00 - 01:59this app inverse X is equals to effects to hear effects whole square minus Lambda X FX into a fun workspaces effects whole square + 3 x square f of x now this is this and this cancel take this on the left and sides with this is Lambda x f x whole square this is equals to 3 x square of X so what is given in the problem a non-zero function f x is not equal to zero can cancel Apex and FX so what is coming over here this is Lambda x if x is equals to 3 x square now this XNX get cancel so Lambda multiply f x is equals to 3 x x so which is given if FX is equal to x f f
02:00 - 02:59x is equals to x or we can say why is cos 2x so this f x is equal to X then we can say that Lambda is equals to 3 this is our answer the value of Lambda S3 thankyou

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