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3(r+2s)=r+s <br> If (r, s) is ...

`3(r+2s)=r+s` <br> If `(r, s)` is a solution to the equation above and `sne0`, what is the value of `(r)/(s)`?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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question of mathematics the question was a given equation is 3 and Scissors are + 2 is equal to R + S if our company is solution to the above equation and S is not equal to zero what will be the value of RBS simplify the given expression so we say this is the solution we get 3 + 2 is nothing but a + S so I will simplify it has three h + 6 is pizza places sui can say aur tour will be equal to minus 5 is equal to see the art from the right inside come to the left hand side and this is part with the 6 Coefficient goes to the right inside from the text inside so that will become 3r -2 work that is to work

and is - 6s is -5 is so why is it be equal to minus 5 by 2 so option A is the correct answer to the given question thank you

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