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Updated On: 21-1-2021

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00:00 - 00:59today we have to prove that 2 sin square 45 + 2 cos square 45 + 2 square pi by 3 is equals to 10 Hindi chapter 1 question when you are given multiple automatic ratios it is always best to convert all the democratic ratios in terms of sin and Cos I am alright in his expression at two terms and other one is in sec so you have to convert it so that it becomes easier by I am asking you convert them into sin and Cos and specifically because most of us remember the values of trigonometric ratios for specific angles in sine and cosine Only Want It That Way so let's begin with the left hand side the first 2 sin square 3.548 plus price cos square x
01:00 - 01:59Nova this term as we know that cos theta that is the reciprocal of cos theta what sec theta + sec theta is related to counter Torrent 1 by sec theta is equal to cos theta you can see one by cos theta is equal to sec theta by using an important white instead of sec square theta theta upon cos square of 3 or right now that we have converted all Express terms in sign or using what we have to do as we have to make sure that all the angles preferably are within 10-25 Ab To why because most of us remember the value of trigonometric ratios for the angles between 052 but we see that this single 3.4 is not Vipin 025
02:00 - 02:59best for all ok but we have to take care of this so in order to do that we remember that this expression can be the Tennis voice sin square instead of fire for integrated by -54 ok and trust you are to copy additives to cause a square of Pi by 4 + 2 cos square bye bye bye have Express 354 Si -54 because sign of 5 - theta is equal to sin theta OK it is a general formula and you should member since we're talking about the second quadrant the sign is going to be positive sin theta is positive important important so instead of this sign 5 - 54 I can
03:00 - 03:59Arya put sin theta already sin pi by 4 theta is 54 in this scenario that it becomes twice sin square pi by 4 + 2 cos square pi by 4 + 2 / cos square a right now what we have to do you just have to put all these values since we know that sign of 5 Y is equals to cos of Pi by 4 is equals to 1 by root 2 alright and cause of Pi by 3 is one by two right now you just have to take this values and put it have it becomes twice the square of
04:00 - 04:59root 2 + toys into square off on my route to again to 1 by 2 square becomes 2 into 1 + 2 into 2 + 2 into 2 square is 4.1 Plus 14 into two has 8 have finally did use it and it is it or it ok to get a question and is it ok to have been approved this question thank you for watching the video

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