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Class 11






Mathematical Reasoning


(1)Use of word AND' and Exampl...

(1)Use of word `AND' and Examples based on this concepts

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone is video Lakshman Dekhenge use of word and and examples based on this concept so sabse bada that the Android ka use care Android ka kya use a and any simple statement and simple statements simple statement can be combined can be combine can be combined by word by word and vivid and two former compound statement to form a compound statement compound statement example Leta Hun for example Pico statement hai please statement hai ki 7 is

7 is an odd number 7 is odd number ok and q question admit hai Kyon ko statement Hai 17 j7 prime number 7 prime number ok ab Ham and word ka use Karke Ek Naya statement form kar sakte hain and work use Karke net statement form kar sakte hain Aasan tarike SE 7 is both shorthand prime number auden prime number Soya sentence Hamara Hai estate compound statement ho gaya ok one more I will highlight the world and Soumya and ka use Karke isko compound banaa diya kya Subah more example hi example S like all rational sir

statement Ki Hai all rational Sar real all rational Sar real rational Sar real real and q statement all real sir all real Shahar Complex again and would ka use Karke and would ka use Karke kya banaa Lenge new sentence form kar lenge that all rational sir all rational sir real and all real sir and all real sir complex Android ka kya use Apne Sikha Android ka use shikakai and word ko jo hai Ham do simple sentence ko comment Karke and word se Ham compound statement bana sakte hain ok all real Sa all real sir

Complex so mathematical reasoning mein jo hai english Mein To Ham Android ka tabhi use karte hain Urdu objective bich Mein karte hain jismein Kuchh relation hota hai but in in reasoning in reasoning and word ka tab bhi uska sakta hai ki Uske bich Mein event correlation Bane of example again example let Koi Pi statement Hamara maliya it is raining it is raining and aur dusre statement Hamara Kyon Hai 5 is a prime number 5 is a prime number from in the statement ko bhi reasoning Mein connect kar lete hain lekin English mein tabhi karna Karenge Jab Koi science friend Hoga so it is raining and it is raining and 5 is

prime number is a prime number or so this is the important thing so relation Nahin isko and se connect kar sakte hain ok next thing is that truth value of compound statement and and statement form kar rahe hain to show Agar p-n-p-n Chulo statement Hai p and q p and q are two statements p n sorry two statements from by and and connective will be true if and only if both statements are true like other statement hai ek kiss statement you hai so other P and Q kab To Hoga P and

Q true if and only if and only if P and Q both will be true if p and q are different P and Q both are Tu both are To Agar Ek bhi false ho gaya agar Ek bhi false Ho Gaya P and Q will be false ho jaega Agar Ek bhi false ok if any of P and Q and your P and Q is false this is all about this is all about use of use of work and OK so the next video will discuss about use of word or ok

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