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Class 11






Mathematical Reasoning


(1)If-Then Implication...

(1)If-Then Implication

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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in this video we will talk about it then implication of simplification sums like dislike if if P then Q ok if then statements of a or p if and only if and only if if and only if you are only a few only few so this raises this process of these statements are cal amplification amplification of simply vacations simplifications implications for implications 7 Day gift Den application kya hota hai kya hota hai

are two statements are combined by combine by then phase is then phase if then face to form compound statement to form compound statement compound compound statement to score bolt is done implication if then if then implication implication to ISI ko bolenge 1 then implication ok Shubham examples samajhne ki koshish Karte Hain example Se samajhne Ki Koshish karte hain man Lijiye

Pi statement hai x is equal to 4 and 9 statement Hai x square is equal to 16 ok if then implication Se Kaise simple statement ho gaya is Den statement Se Kaise connect Karenge is equal to 4 then h square is equal to 16 ok so you then ABCD like ABCD parallelogram ABCD Hamara ABCD is a parallelogram parallelogram ok

friend if ABCD is a parallelogram if a b c d parallelogram then a b will be equal to CD a parallelogram ki property use this is examples of if then implication kaise karte hain usse if then implication 1 ton implication score in this so Yahan per Hamara free kya hai bhai ko Ham bolate Hain

Ki Khol the antecedent and T antecedent aur Kyon ko bolate Hain sabse friend subsequent sari consequent consequent consequent value hoti hai kit value City Dekhte ismein Kaise so School Mela table se batata hun main table Ki Hai yah Kyon Hai and this is female like you hi OK so Agar Hamara Hi To Hai Kyu true Hai Din pimple kyu 2 years ago

ke Agar Hamara PHE Fall Se cute ruh hai to ja Mara Taru ho jaega ok Agar Hamara to hack You Fall Se Soya false ho jaega Kyon bhi false hai aur TV for Se To Hamara yah tabiyat biscuit Mein Bhi To Ho Jaega iski Pro trial USA Ham define karte hain SO last English IMP like use same as implied to same hi sufficient condition for sufficient condition for queue K P sufficient condition sufficient condition for Q and S is Q is necessary condition for you is necessary condition for

necessary condition for p aur kya control kar sakte hain not q imply not be when one one more p only if q Swades is all about implication implication P implies q so if then implication also so in the next to discuss Converse inverse and contrapositive statement

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