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Class 10






Trigonometric Ratios


(1-tan^2 45^@)/(1+tan^2 45^@) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

(a)`tan90^@`(b) 1 (c) `sin45^@`(d) `sin0^@`

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question says that 1 minus 10 square 45 by 1 + 10 square 45 equal to option at and 90 option B one option c sin42 find the value of the given expression it is 1 minus sin square 45 degree by 1 + tan square 45 degree equal to 1 minus tan 45 value is one in which will be won by 1 + tan 45 and 45° 1.1 equal to 1 minus 10 by to which is equal to zero to see which option is correct from the given options the first option is

MI Note 8 and 9 30 value is not define this is not the correct option then the option B option be over here is one but we have got the value as 0 service is not correct then option C is sin 45 sin 45 degree is equal to 1 by root 2 so this is also not equal to the value that we have got that is the process of the wrong section D option is sin 0 and 50 value is 0 so this is the phone now we can mark option D90 therefore the answer is

option d sin 0 degrees

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