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Class 11






Travelling Waves


y(x, t) = 0.8//[4x + 5t)^(2) +...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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pulse is moving in +x direction in `2` s it will travel a distance of `2.5 m`its maximum displacement is `0.16 m`it is a symmetric pulse

Answer : b., c., d.
Solution : `y(x,t)=(0.08)/(16[(x+(5)/(4)t)^(2)+(5)/(16)])` <br> `y(x,t)=(0.05)/((x+(5)/(4)t)^(2)+(5)/(16))` <br> where wave velocity = `5//a m//s` <br> Distance travelled by the wave with this velocity in 2 s is <br> `5//4(2)=2.5 m` <br> `y(x,t)` will be maxium when `4x+5t=0` <br> `y(max)=(0.8)/(5)=0.16 m`

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hello product in this question we have been given an equation of Wave Y is a function point 8 / 4 x + 5 hole squire plus 5 now it represents the moving cal and x and y are in M P is in second then there are four option which of the four options are correct which are wrong first is about direction now the equation of wave is 4.8 / 4 x + 53 whole square + 5 when the coefficient of X and coefficient of time have train sign then the wave travels in negative direction so for the first option

the direction is negative second option the rocking what is the speed of wave speed formula is given by coefficient of time efficient of so coefficient of X is here 5 and coefficient of X is 4 answer will be 5 by 4 metre per second visit 1.25 metre per second and in this option asking how much distance it will cover in 2 seconds so distance is given by formula field into time period we got as 1.25 metre per second and the time they have given as to so we will get 2.5 m

adoption Dewas what is the maximum displacement any particle maximum displacement of particle the displacement is nothing but y-coordinate basically they are asking what will be the maximum value of this function because this is the function representing why if we want Y to be maximum then the denominator should be minimum only the denominator part so for having denominator minimum 5 cannot be changed as it is a constant this is a variable the minimum value for wire term is zero if we substitute zero here

will get by has maximum and you'll get point 1 divided by zero square + 5.855 or it will be equal 2.16 we have got the displacement maximum displacement option there are easy to asymmetric calls or not the answer will be its not a symmetric calls the reason is the graph of y the function of Y is not a sinusoidal or asymmetric kind of function the denominator is including square of its somewhat like this Y is equal to 1 by x square this is not a symmetry craft it is a decreasing G so that's it thank you

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