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Youngs modulus of a string of ...

Youngs modulus of a string of length `1m` and Density `900Kg/m^3` is `9xx10^9N/m^2`. Find the minimum reasonance frequency in (Hz) can be produced in the string if strain in the string is `4.9xx10^(-4)`.


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hello Vivah models of a string of length one metre and density of this is given here find the minimum resonance frequency in Hz can be produced if the string have a stain this much rate so we know that stress is equal to young modulus time strain and still is given here is equals to F by a and that is equals to young modulus that is this into stream that is where is impulse we Gotta Be a value velocity in this thing that is under root of Ti bi mu mu is equals to B L multiply and divide with area of cross section

then you can see into l is close to volume when it is a cross-section India balance so you will get a bi vi into a that is row into Tum you will be equal to row into a tension is this app so I will write the tension is simply f so I will write f by a into row so we already know the value of f why is this great and is given in the question if you see here is given in the question 900 so now in the question is asked that the minimum frequency suppose this is the string and we have to find out the minimum frequency rate so let's suppose that any insta

it forms a number of Lambda by to this is Lambda by 2 and Lambda by 2 and Lambda by to the two in a state Street since it is having strange 2 2 2 in and will be fixed so I will write and Lambda by 2 is equal to the length of the string will get the land is equals to 2 l bi n calculate the frequency is equal to 3 by Lambda so put the value of land in the velocity under root of this by a into row is 12 into

under root fan2 10 states this put values rate if you see the length is 1 so ls1 quality calculated is this so if you see is 49 29 into 10 to the power minus 5 to this point will make it - 5 + 9 so it is 49 into 9 into 10 to the power minus 5 is 42 days put the value to a sporty 9 into 9 into 10 to the power 4 now the value of the role reality that it is 900 this will get cancelled out by 108 and if you see under root 4900

buy 2 get minimum is equals to 72 that is 35 Hz and this will be our answer simple thank you