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Young's experiment is performed with light of wavelength 6000 Ã… wherein 16 fringes occupy a certain region on the screen. If 24 frings occupy the same region with another light of wavelength `lambda`, then `lambda` is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

6000 Ã…4500 Ã… 5000 Ã…4000 Ã…

Answer :
Solution :
`n_(1)lambda_(1)=n_(2)lambda_(2)` <br> `lambda_(2)=(n_(1))/(n_(2))lambda_(1)=(16xx6000 Ã…)/(24)=4000 Ã…`


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hello my dear friend and young double slit experiment and prepare for a particular wavelength 36000 angstrom 1224 fringes on now how individual friends way his beta is equal and 2a Lambda capital D Upon A small D screen here ok that we are getting and first when Lambda is equivalent to a6000 strong we are getting a number of 16 we are getting in that particular

reason send forth M reason ok reason ok how many letter ko that complete distance efficient 416 so and One X and once the number of injured and beta is a bit of a student and One X Lambda capital De upon small De so what is the Lambda and 1 is equal to a given that is a6000 anger storm ok student and capital De small days that is equation number 1 number of fringes and to be want to that is a 24-hour same reason and beta is the fringe width for each with so beta Island tour we are making me today that is a

Lambda Lambda will be changed its capital is not change its mode is not changes ok four same reason for same reason David complete with complete with one printed with multiplayer number of Angels exit 24 x landed a capital De small tea both will be equal equation number one and two Martin Island to each other so from one and two from equation 1 and equation to 16 X 6000 ok and the storm X capital Upon A small De Madhyamik 19 to 24 x 36 a new wavelength and capital D Upon A small it allowed to each other guys ok

Nau I want to calculate the day so that is equal to 15 / 24 x 6000 ok cancel out how many time to time and Sikh Temple route to 1000 4000 angstrom according to that question that is a new New Zealand physical and 2002

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