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Class 12






Simple Harmonic Motion


x_(1) = 5 sin (omegat + 30^(@)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `x_(1) = 5 sin (omegat + 30^(@))` <br> `x_(2) = 10 sin (omegat + (pi)/(2))` <br> `A = sqrt(5^(2) + 10^(2) + 2 xx 5 xx 10 cos60^(@))` <br> `= sqrt(25 + 100 + 50) = sqrt(175) = 5sqrt(7)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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everyone if you talk about this question this given question is X1 is given as 5 Sin Omega T + 30 degree and X2 is given as 10 cos Omega T we have to find out amplitude of resultant simple harmonic motion now let us suppose that amplitude of this equation is a 12 ki which is nothing but fi and amplitude of this particular equation is a to which is given as 10 units now whenever to simple harmonic motions are superimposed than their resultant amplitude let se is given by root square + 8 square + 2 A1 A2 cost under Fire 2 A1 A2 cause of delta Phi to be a what exactly is delta fhir delta Phi is the phase difference between the two equations this is the fees a difference between the two equations ok now to find out phase difference both the equation

it contains same trigonometric ratio so the first equation is written as 5 Sin Omega T + 30 degree this is Omega T + 30 degree and this cos Omega T can be written as Sin Omega T + 5 by 2 so this is Tan Sin Omega T + 5 by 2 which is 90 degree now the freeze 1 let se fees of this first equation which is denoted by 51 this is Omega T + 30 30 degree this is 51 and Omega T + 90 degree this is 52 sophie's difference will be given by Dell Wi-Fi 2 - 5 which is ultimately Omega 3 - 2019 - 30 60 degree if they put their respective values of even 82 and cause Delta 5 then I will be getting amplitude as root over even square which is 5 square that means 25 + 10 square which is 100 + 2 into 5 into

which is again hundred looking into cause of delta Phi and the value of Cos 60 degrees one by two sources 1 by 2 and this will give us a equals to this is 25 + 100 is 125 and 125 + 50 is 175 Root over 175 unit is the resultant amplitude of interest to you

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