Write the mathmatical equation of Ampere-maxwell law.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Mathematical equation of ampere-maxwell law. <br> `ointB.dl=mu_(0)i_(c)+mu_(0)epsilon_(0)(dPhi_(E))/(dt)`


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hello students are vacancies question the questions that write the mathematical equation of a Maxwell ok so basically a maxwell's law is basically the equation for b.dl OK what is b.dl is basically guess the new not into I OK what is I is basically over here it is IC which is the circuit current plus which is the displacement current got it so there are two types of current there is the displacement current id which is given by what it is given by X Island not into defy which is fire due to electric field ok bye detail ok and there is IC which is just IC ok this is the circuit means circuital current ok current in the circuit current ok so basically I see is the current in the circuit and it is the displacement current ok this is current in circuit

got it so basically this is IC place it because it was just given as I should we need to consider all current ok if it means replace it from this equation then we will have integration of b.dl is equal to new not into IC AK me or not into i c plus new not Asylum not 5 / this is basically what this is the required a Maxwell ok this is basically the mathematical expression for it got it thank you

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