Updated on:30/05/2023

Write the expression for the Lorentz force Fin vector form.



special for the Lorentz Force is a vector form so Lawrence stated that will be charged particle Q placed in a region containing electric and magnetic field experience will be the effect of electric force and magnetic propose 50 particle particle placed in addition to the Lorentz Force there will be given out at which is equal to 3 + be positively charged particle density which is moving with velocity V electric field in this region is a + 1 is so we can see the net electric 46 period
two oppositely charged particle in electric force working in the direction of electric field due to magnetic force vacancy suppose this charged particle is moving in a magnetic field is out of the plane of the papers to calling you can see in case of positively charged particle the magnetic force Inter 2nd year angle is your show the magnitude will be given IQ in sin theta so we can say if you cross we will be the positively charged particle in a region containing water electric and magnetic Lorentz Force we can save your experience by this
charged particle is given as cube into a vector + B and C A B cross b vector is the longest force equation in Bengali form Centre plus we can say we find theta and included in the final answer that is locked


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