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Define Instantaneous accelerat...

Define Instantaneous acceleration.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Instantaneous acceleration or acceleration of a particle at time .t. is given by the ratio of change in velocity over `Deltat` as `Deltat` approaches zero. <br> Acceleration `veca=lim_(Deltat""to0)(Deltavecv)/(Deltat)=(dvecv)/(dt)` <br> In other words, the acceleration of the particle at an instant is equal to rate of change of velocity. <br> (i) (i) Acceleration is a vector quantity. Its SI unit is `ms^(-1)` and its dimensional formula is `[M^(0)L^(1)T^(-2)]`. <br> (ii) Acceleration is positive if its velocity is increasing, and is negative if the velocity is decreasing. The negative acceleration is called retardation or deceleration.


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