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Class 11






Fluid Mechanics


With what terminal velocity wi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The terminal velocity of the bubble is given by, <br> `v_(T)=(2)/(9)(r^(2)(rho-sigma)g)/(eta)` <br> Here, `r=0.4xx10^(-3) m`, <br> `sigma=0.9xx10^(3) kgm^(-3) rho=1.293 kgm^(-3)` <br> `eta=0.15, Nsm^(-2) " and " g=9.8 ms^(-2)` <br> Substituting the values, we have, <br> `v_(T)=(2)/(9)xx((0.4xx10^(-3))^(2)(1.293-0.9xx10^(3))xx9.8)/(0.15)` <br> `= -0.0021 ms^(-1)` <br> or `v_(T)= -0.21 cms^(-1)`

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hi guys is the question with what terminal velocity will an air bubble of 0.8 mm in diameter rise in a liquid of viscosity 0.15 Newton second per metre square and specific gravity 0.9 density of air is 1.293 kg per metre cube ok so we all know the terminal velocity is given it to our square root 2 minus Sigma in 2G divided by 9 Neeta where R is the radius ok I radius of bubble and row is the density of liquid and sigmoid density of object M is the coefficient of viscosity ok so if we put the values we get the terminal velocity which is equal to

2 into radius is given as 0.8 mm is 0.8 into 10 raise to power minus 3 M whole square ok reminder Sigma rho is given a 1.29 3 - Sigma is 0.9 into 10 raise to power 3 ok into acceleration due to gravity that is 9.8 divided by 9 CM 0.15 0.15 ok show from here we get terminal velocity beauty that is equal to minus 0.0021 metre per second ok or we can say that terminal velocity is equal to

minus 0.21 per second OK Here negative sign indicate that the direction of angular velocity is opposite to that the direction we have to choose ok this is the final answer to this is explanation for this question thank you

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