Updated on:30/05/2023

With the help of a suitable ray diagram, derive the mirror formula for a concave mirror.

Text Solution

Fig. 9.53(a) and (b), show ray diagram explaining formation of a real image of a linear object AB placed in front of a concave mirror MPN of focal length/. Since aperture of mirror is small, hence MP be considered to be a straight line.
Let us consider right angled triangles A.B.F and MPF, which are similar triangles. Therefore,
But as PM = AB, hence, we have B.A.BA=B.FFP.......(i)
Again triangles APB and A.PB. are also similar triangles and we have
compairing (i) and(ii), we getB.PBP=B.FFP=B.PFPFP
As per sign convention followed :BP =-u, B.P - —v, and FP = -f. Therefore, we get vu=(v)(f)fvu=vff
vf=uvuf or uf+vf=uv
Dividing throughout by uvf, we get
1v+1u=1f, which is the requisite mirror formula.

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