Updated on:26/04/2023

Why is sound wave called a longitudinal wave ?



welcome to dominate the question here is this why is sound called a left longitudinal wave so first of all you must be known that a wave always carry energy with them that it is what it is basically the propagation of energy ok so sound wave propagation of sound energy light wave is the propagation of light energy and so on the basis of propagation of energy and on the direction of vibrations and there are two types of waste and there is a longitudinal wave and transverse wave latest types of waves types of waves on the basis of on the basis of direction of vibrations
of the particle of medium particle of medium anti direction of propagation of light and the direction of Tiger Shroff on this message there are two types of this one is longitudinal wave longitudinal wave another is transverse wave in longitudinal vibration of the vibration of particle the particle medium
is parallel to is parallel to to the direction of propagation of the direction of wave direction of propagation of transverse wave the vibration of the vibrations of particles vibration particle perpendicular Pa Pandi cooler to the direction of propagation of the earth direction of protection of lips integration of
now sound follow sound follow this method that is in sound with three particles of the medium of its orbital se vibrates and a to and fro motion that is to and fro motion along a direction of propagation of sound waves that come under love should never so there come under longitudinal waves that's my dear folder lock has a long Shooter so that's all for this question guys thank you


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