Updated on:30/05/2023

Why is it difficult to hold a school bag having strap made of thin and strong string?



why did difficult to hold a School Bag having a strap made of thin and strong strings so first we'll see what is pressure pressure is basically force upon area ok so suppose this is our shoulder and if we are holding a school bag with thin strap ok so add weight of the bag that is force applied by the back on your shoulder is constant force will be mass of bag x gravity so as force applied by the back on your shoulder is constant ok so what is pressure pressure is force upon area
force is constant ok if we have thin string that is thin strap if things trap then area will be less as if the strap will be thin then the contact which with which area the strap make without solder will be very less so area will be less so courses constant and if area is less than pressure will be hi it will exert more pressure on our shoulders as we have less Area on our shoulders to distribute the pressure sore all the force will be applied on a small area so that's why we feel pain on in our shoulders and it is difficult to hold school bags and make a
broader straps then we will have same force but area is Greater so we will have more area to distribute the force so that's why pressure will be less and we will not feel that much of pain ok thank you


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