Updated on:30/05/2023

Why are the ceilings of concert halls curved ?



hello friends circle dotnet the question is why are the selling of concert halls curved so the simplest answer to this question is to is that to make the performer Audi CEO audible 2 but let me explain you in a more specific way suppose we have to kind of proof we have to kind of telling sorrow that first plane ceiling and S kab settings show in Clash of Clans in suppose there is a performer hair if this point for soundwave Sachin aur like colliding the roof this at this
point will get reflected at the smaller angle that if the sound will start from here and it gets reflected from the roof it get to a very small affection of the phone and it doesn't spread over the whole Concert Hall but if you say that on the roof is like like this in the same then I suppose the performer so for every part of the hall will get like this attendant here that will be the angle of incidence and diverged sound wave to a larger section of the Concert Hall that is
the what can I say feeling diverge or Betta fish dekh sound in almost each part each part of the hall hot and the planner rope for the planet feeling is not capable of doing so that's all for the question guys thank you


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