Updated on:26/04/2023

Why are sound waves called mechanical waves ?



welcome Prophet the question is why are sound waves called mechanical waves so first of all we should know the basis of distinction of definition of letters will basically on mode of propagation on the basis of modes of propagation are divided into two part first word called mechanical waves mechanical waves and S called as electromagnetic wave electromagnetic wave now the distinction was done on the basis of their propagation that is they require that mechanical wave they require medium for preparation and electromagnetic waves do not require
any medium do not require medium for propagation for the propagation does now sound sound wave sound always need a main so that it can propagate there a layer of that is the country that is that alternate layer of compression and rarefaction to the observer so always need need medium to propagate propagate D alternate alternate compression and rarefaction compression and real function
2D to the observer and does it always need the medium is ordinary medium does does it is termed as it comes under mechanical waves that's all for the Boston thank you guys


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