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Why are gaps left in between r...

Why are gaps left in between rails, while laying a railway line? Explain.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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between the reasons why Ling Railway explain question explain why the race OK while laying railway line gaps are left between the race OK so if you talk about the real this is the railway track and there are gap between the rails ok so why this cap is there ok display this so in summer what happens as the rails are made of iron ok so rails are made of

iron ok so what happens in summer so what happens in summer due to heat ok the molecules of higher expand ok so they will try to expand ok that time this cab fill this gap will allow it to expand so there we know bending of the rain ok suppose now suppose there is no gap then what will OK then this rail this rail ok this will bend ok suppose there will be no gas then in summer due to heat the iron will try to

expand then it will tend to band ok summer in summer due to heat will build ok bend sideways and this will cause the train accident train accident ok this is the reason why there are gaps ok there are gaps why lengthy railway line so that there will be no Bending in summer and there will be no train accident ok thank you

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