Updated on:26/04/2023

Which wave property determines
(a) loudness
(b) Pitch ?



this question there are two parts and English paragraph to tell that which wave property determines first part is for loudness and second parties for page ok so basically well look part by parts of for part a little loudness is determined by loudness is determined by the amplitude of the wave amplitude ok so let me tell you that the loudness let se l ok the loudness is directly proportional to the square of amplitude a OK so let me send it with the help of an ER diagram so these are the two ways that is where a and b and you can easily see that the amplitude in case of a is smaller than the amplitude in case of you know that this distance
is maximum separation from the mean position is known as amplitude so interested this is it just a small portion and a t for Wave amplitude is this ok so you can see the amplitude for the is iterator and their employer that loudness for a list and loudness for web directory proportional to the square of the second part that is for fish ok basically the pitch is this illness of discount ok so when this place which which it is a property that is difference of the sum of discount if you must have observed that female voice female voices more still
ok that is ok and the male voice a little flat ok Advisors little blood can say that the pitch is proportional to frequency of the song differences proportional to frequency so I'll explain it with the help of a diagram let's say these are the two sound waves status and then you can see that the frequency of wave is less than the frequency of wave Di ok that is we can say from here that the frequency of Race a blessed and frequency of B and this implies different for they will be less than the pitch so that's all for this question guys and save


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