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Class 12






Geomatrical Optics


Which type of lens is used to ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Cylendircal lens is used to correct astigmatisum ?

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hello Pawan which type of lens is used to correct Sigma tysm so if he talked about the stigma tysm so it is a default basically that exist in Eyes on length is called most people in One Direction that other then we say is that a Prism is there so if I will write down when we're aur length is ko most most people in One Direction than in other direction than in other so this type of default is called as Sigma tysm so how it is correct it in the question it is ask that how it is

so basically the cylindrical lens is used to correct it what happened when you wear electrical lenses that adjust the eye and a so that the eye could focus the light correctly the patients so I will write down wearing wearing glasses with cylindrical lenses so what happen when you wear this type of glass cylinder kal lenses glass they adjust the way the light can focus the eye can focus the light correctly the present I so that light could be focused

on patents reason it's very simple and effective way to correct this so if I talk about which type of lens oldest cylinder kal type of lens is used simple thank you

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