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Which one of the following gas...

Which one of the following gases possesses the largest internal energy

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

2 moles of helium occupying 1 `m^(3)` at 300 K 56 kg of nitrogen at `10^(7) Nm^(-2)` and 300 K 8 grams of oxygen at 8 atm and 300 K `6 xx 10^(26)` molecules of argon occupying `40 m^(3)` at 900 K

Answer :


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hello students today weather question is which one of the following as for this is the largest internal energy to you Mall of Asia map keeping 1 metre cube at 300 K 56 kg of Nitrogen and 10 power 6 7 Newton per metre square 300 K 1 gram of oxygen at ATM and 300 K 626 molecule of argan occupying 40 you at the 900k so the solution of this question is we know that heat internal energy heat u is equal to n c v t energy used NCVT from thermodynamics first law so we can write a CV is equals to constant h constant this is capacity at constant for this is equal to 3 / 2 H and we know that Delta change in

internal energy that is Delta u is equal to 2 into 3 by 2 war and this is equal in multiplication with 300 Supreme this week and right and this is 900r hair and parantu nitrogen this is foreign to we have CV is equals to this is for helium here for helium and for N2 we have CV capacitive capacity at constant volume is equal to 5 / to our and we have you is equals to heat is equals to 56 into 10 power 3

and this is divided by 28 and this is 5 / to our and this is multiplication with 300 so from this we can I do this is 1.5 into 10 power 6 are here and photo to we can write a capacitor at capacitive volume hair so this is 5 / 2142 we have this server get you that is eaten is a / 32 and this is in multiplication with 5 / to our and this is a multiplication with 300 and this will equal to 180 7.5 are there and for organ ER we have capacitive volume is equals to

3 divided by 2 on and we have you use equal to 1000 into 3 divided by 2 and this multiplication with 900 so we get this is equals to 1 by that we have applied here first law of thermodynamics in each of this so from this we can say that use use more nitrogen Sabhi check which option is correct option given S is correct year 56 of Nitrogen at 10 power 7nm square and 300 K so this is correct answer for this in this largest internal energy thank you

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